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01 May, 2013: New 360° Bird View Panoramic Video System

  360° Bird View Panoramic Video System with 4x180° Cameras, 4-Channel DVRs    

  • Capture the image of 4 different views with the use of 4 wide angle cameras (fish-eye angle) installed around the car. After image processing and stitching and synthesizes to a panoramic view image with 360° from top-down (bird view) surrounding the car, and the panoramic view timely transferred to the display screen of the control centre.
  • This system also equipped with DVR to record image from 4 cameras.
  • After installed our panoramic view system, driver inside the car can accurately see the position and other obstacles around the car, thus enhance easy parking or pass through complex road.
  • With this system, parking is no longer a stress for even new drivers.
  • Clear 360° bird view panoramic display around automobiles
  • Super wide horizontal viewing angle (above 180° fish-eye angle)
  • Auto image mosaic
  • Video output to DVD or monitor, image show in screen with remote control can be:
    • front view + bird view
    • rear view + bird view
    • left/right side view + bird view
  • Left/Right rear view mirror cameras specially design for car models:
    • Audi Q5, A4L, A6L,
    • Volkswagen Tiguan, Sharan, Magotan, Passat, Passat CC, Sagitar, Golf, Touran, Scrocco, Beatle
    • Hyundai IX35
    • Kia Sportage R
    • Toyota RAV4, Verso, Reiz, Prius, Crown, Previa, Highlander, Alphard, Sienna, Land Cruiser Prado
    • Lexus GX400, LX570
    • Nissan Qashqai, X-Trail
    • Honda CR-V
    • And more models are coming.........