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18-21 June, 2016: China Wuhan International Auto Aftermarket Show


Thank you for visit us in China Wuhan International Automarket Show. 

We exhibited TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System in the show. As more peopel realise the importance of TPMS, we got great success in the show.

Why is TPMS essential now?
Underflated or overflated tires is one of the top killer on roads!

Reasons to have TPMS:
- Tire flat prevention
- Leakage warning
- Fuel saving
- Tire wear reduction
- Tire unbalance prevention
- Mandatory by law to install TPMS, e.g. USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.  
- Extend the lifetiem of your tires
- Ensure the safety of tires on roads


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